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Balloon Launcher Toy

Balloon Launcher Toy

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Let your kids play for hours with this easy-to-use toy car system that sends plastic, super safe toy cars floating off into the air and flying across the floor at never-before-seen speeds.



Product Features

With colorful designs and unpredictable flight patterns, your kids will be entranced, wanting to play for hours (watch out, Baby Einstein - your kids will even be learning a thing or two about aerodynamics as they play!).

Toys that can be played while playing, use aerodynamic principles to propel the car forward.
Using aerodynamic technology can promote environmental protection and energy savings without the use of batteries.
Ideal gift for children.


Package includes 

1 * Inflatable tube
2 * car
12 * balloon


 Simply the Safest! There are no pesky pointy edges nor small parts here. The smooth design and large parts mean your kids can play worry-free. Plus, our toys are BPA-free, so you can rest easy knowing your kids are safe.

 Bye, Bye, Boredom! With balloon-powered cars that race on the floor and shoot up in the sky, your kids will lose themselves in hours of educational fun.

 Easy to Use! There are just two steps to get the Balloon Launcher up and ready: pump the balloon with air, then press the button to launch the car.

 Battery-Free! Unlike so many toys today, this is battery and technology-free. Set your mind at ease about screen time and don’t worry about dead batteries stopping playtime. The Balloon Car Launcher is the simple, safe, and fun solution you need.



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