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Cute Eggs Shaping

Cute Eggs Shaping

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Did you though before to have boiled eggs mixed with cheese, milk, species, herbs, and some vegetables!? Now you can shape your breakfast the way you want. Kids will love it and will enjoy it either way home or at school. It is made from PP5  non-harmful non toxic material.


  • Egg molds and free spray oil brush to prevent sticking.
  • Different Shapes: Star, Heart, Round, Flower.


  • The Egg Cups perfectly fit in any pot.  Maintaining a suitable water depth is critical.
  • Put a little bit of oil so the egg won't stick to the egg poachers.

  • it can be added for cold water for longer boiling or boiled water for shorter boiling.
  • After cooking eggs, dip egg cookers in cold water for a while, when the egg gets cold to a good temperature just pop it out and enjoy your meal.
  • Use gloves and don't hold them by hands before cooling down to avoid burns.

  • Made of PP5 Material, not easy to break and high-temperature resistance.

  • Suitable for Steam and boiled water, not to be used in oven or microwave .
  • Easy to clean.