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Portable Wine Separator

Portable Wine Separator

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🎁Best Gift - It can be applied to any situation in life: Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Graduation, etc. The delicate design of this electric wine opener makes it become a nice gift for the wine lover and drinkers.


🍷With just one button, the electric red wine aerator can quickly oxidize red wine, enjoy delicious wine immediately, awaken the spirit of red wine, and regain its elegance and vitality. Make red wine delicious instantly



🍷Equipped with stainless steel pipe, which achieves decanting wine while pouring wine. The specially designed air holes above use the Bernoulli principle ingeniously. When the wine liquid flows through the position of the air holes, the external air is sucked in and quickly merges with the wine liquid, realizing the function of instant decanting.



🍷Although this decanter has an efficient decanting function, when the decanting is not needed, the intimately designed on-off valve on the decanting vent can also allow you to turn the decanting function on and off as needed.



🍷This wine is equipped with an air-tight rubber seal, so your wine stays fresh when drinking. The electric wine machine sprayer is the best gift for those who like/will hold parties.



The electric wine decanter is widely suitable for all types wine bottle on market, which can help you to aerate wine in party, family dinner and other situations.